16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment
Burial Sites

                                                Warren County Part 2

Shellsford Cemetery (east of McMinnville)


George Washington Akeman 4th Sgt H 1889 Also a stone in Smyrna Cty.

James Carrol Dodson

1st Sgt H 25/2/1905 (stone says 25/6/1905)

Matthew Douglas

Pvt D 29/2/1912  
J. J. Higginbotham Pvt D 6/4/1890


George W. Martin Pvt D 12/1/1882

   Maybe not our man, see Edward Rominson Cem DeKalb Co  

Joseph Polk Quick Pvt D 15/9/1900

  Wife buried with him

William. C. Quick  Pvt H then D 5/9//1895


Robert M. Safley Sgt H 14or15/5/1914


Allen Leonard Smith Pvt H 5/9/1923

  Wife buried with him

Audley Smith Pvt F 11/8/1902 No CSR
Harrison Smith Sgt F 17/7/1887  
John D. Templeton  Pvt D /1932 Wife buried with him
S. A. Templeton Pvt D 8/2/1916 Wife buried with him


Shiloh Cemetery


James Newton Clendeno(e)n   Pvt H 14/1/1916  
Charles Washington Clendeno(e)n Pvt H 4/4/1900  






Caney Fork Cemetery  (near Rock Island State Park)


J. Sampson Martin Pvt F 28/1/1921  
Mark Mitchell Pvt I 5/9/1913    

Charles W. Mooneyham  





Joel Perry  





Isham Martin  










Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery (just south of McMinnville)


David Miller Sgt H 25/3/1903  

New Bybee Chapel


E. Webb Pvt D 21/4/1915 Gravestone says Rev.

Smyrna Cemetery (Irving College, south-east of McMinnville)


Henry Powell Pvt G 13/3/1915  
George W. Akeman 4th Sgt H ? Also a stone in Shellsford Ctm.
Carroll N. Ballard Pvt F 28/8/1883  

 Isaac J. Cantrell





A. John Christian Pvt C /1917 Fought in the Spanish American War
 William Bruce Christian  Pvt   G/H 9/8/1892 (or 8/8/1892)

  Wiley W. Curtis





Benjamin T. Groves  Cpl C ? No CSR
James Jones  Cpl H 11/3/1929  

  Lawson Martin










Gwyn Cememtery (Viola, south of McMinnville)


Romulus Gwyn Pvt F 12/4/1862

Died at Grahamsville SC


Viola Cememtery (Viola, south of McMinnville)


John Rutledge 2nd Lt  C 27/6/1912



Cotton Cememtery


William A Cotton Pvt G 11/3/1905



Miles Bonner Cemetery (Viola Highway at Lawson Mill Road)


Thomas M. Bonner Pvt C 4/2/1863

Mortally wounded at Murfreesboro


Philadelphia Cemetery


Jeremiah D. Killain Pvt E 1911?



Mount View Cemetery (North Spring Street, McMinnville)


Joseph Martin Pvt E 25/1/1929


Hamilton Mortimer Hennessee Pvt D 17/3/1929


James Jasper Martin Sgt F/A/C 25/1/1925

First buried in the Caney Fork Cem. moved in the 1950s


 Mt Zion Cemetery (south of McMinnville)


Jonatham Asberry Biles Pvt C /1885 Wife buried with him
Thomans M. Biles Sgt C 11/11/1891  
   Andrew Jackson Cope Pvt  K ?  

Adrian Taylor Cope




No CSR,  wife buried with him

John Welsey Cope Pvt C 12/9/1901


John W Cope Sgt C 31/7/1902 Is the man above the same man
Roysdon (Royston) Roberson Etter Pvt H 15/10/1927 Wife buried with him
Robert C. Henderson Pvt C 12/6/1912


Hiram Jefferson King Pvt C 25/12/1920 Wife buried with him
Drury/Drew Woodson King Sgt C 12/8/1898  
Elisha K. P. Reynolds Pvt C 12/9/1886  






Bascom Cemetery  (Vervilla Community)


(John?) Calvin Brixey Pvt C 3-4/9/1895

Executed for being an Union guerrilla

John Summerfield Swann




Died of heart problems


Kirby Cemetery


John B. Wilson Pvt C 30/9/1918  
J. C. Wilson Pvt C 21/5/1929    






Concord Cemetery (Francis Ferry Road)


Peter Horry Cantrell Pvt A 16/10/1905 Wife Elizabeth buried with him
Daniel Watson Cantrell Pvt A 25/6/1928 Wife buried with him
Thomas James Davis Pvt H 10/7/1914 Wife buried with him
John Purser Sgt E 30/11/1929  
Luke Purser Sgt E 29/12/1914  
James A. Roberts Cpl G /1862 No CSR . Was he a member of the 16th?
John Knox Polk Webb Capt E 12/6/1928 Wife buried in same cemetery