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Captain Lucian Napoleon Savage
A Company

Born near McMinnville, TN, 25 April 1837.  He was the son of George and Elizabeth Kenner Savage, a native of Shenandoah County, Virginia.  And brother of Colonel John Houston Savage commander of the Regiment.

He spent his childhood on his fathers farm

Went to school at Irving College, Warren Co, TN, before entering Burritt Collage, Spencer, TH, for a few years.

In 1856 he started studying law and in 1858 was admitted to the bar, practicing at Sparta, TN, before moving to Smithville,  De Kalb County, TN, where he continued to practice law.

With the beginning of the war he organised a company of 100 men and reported to the State Governor in 18 May 1861 when they enlisted in the Army.  He was made Commanding Officer of the Company.

At the Battle of Perryville (Chaplin Hills), 8 October 1862,  he received a severe flesh wound early in the battle, which he concealed, he carried on commanding the Company until the end of the battle.

At the Battle of Murfreesboro (Stone's River), TN, 31 December 1862, he was standing beside his brother when he was shot in the 'region of the diaphragm and (the ball) lodged in the spinal column.'  Left at Murfreesboro with the Armies retreat he was nursed by his sister, Elizabeth Davis, (Captain Mrs. Owens Davis) until he died on the 15 March (12 March 1863 at 1600.)  (The different quotations used are first Head and then Womack, in brackets.)

His remains were buried in the buried in Riverside Cemetery, Warren Co, McMinnville, TN.