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 Captain Calvin Brixey, USA
D Company

Private Calvin Brixey, CSA
C Company
(His first name is sometimes listed as John and Calvin as a middle name.
Some texts also list the middle initial as "L" and this can also be found as “S”.)


He enlisted in the 16th Tennessee ion 29 July 1861.


Deserted from Corinth in May 1862 and reputed to be bushwhacking in Middle TN, by 18 July 1863 he is listed as  ‘deserted from Cornith, now bushwacking in Middle Tennessee’. He became a notorious Union guerilla in Coffee and surrounding counties.


He joined D Company, 1st Alabama and Tennessee Vidette Cavalry, most likely on the 9 August 1863, as a 2nd Lieutenant. He went on to become a Captain on the 9 December 1863.


Arrested for murder and plunder 4 June 1864 but was released due to the intimidation of witnesses.


He was captured September 1864 by a regiment of Confederate cavalry from General Joseph Wheelers command.

Tied on a mule he was taken to his mother's house in Manchester for the family to see him one last time. Afterwards he was taken to Beech Grove in Coffee County given a drum-head court marshal and ‘on or about the 3 September 1864’ he was ‘tied upon a horse...and there they hung him by the neck until he was dead ‘.  The Locals were forbidden from cutting him down and he was left him hanging there ‘until about the 4 September 1864’.


He married Martha Elizabeth Swann on the 4 March 1858. She was the daughter of John and Peggy (Parker) Swann. She was born on 14 September 1833 and died 10 April 1895. They had two children: unknown and Deborah Belzora Lea Brixey.


He was born 11 November 1838 and after his execution was buried in the Bascom Cemetery, Warren County, TN. His wife and 3 year old infant are also buried there.