Int., Gen., Fam., CSR, Head, CRC, OR.


Private Howell Pickney Joseph Hathcock
B Company


He enlisted 11/28/62 at Mcminnville, TN.


Was paid bounty of $50.00 for reenlisting in March 1863.


He up and went home at Tullahoma in 30 June 1863 with Federal records showing him as captured at Shelbyville, TN, on 1 July 1863 and sent to Nashville, TN, and he was received at Military Prison, Louisville, KY, on the 15 July 1863. (It could be he was separated from the unit before capture.)


Born in circa1827 at Pocahontas, Coffee Co, TN. The son of Howell P. and Mary (Nelson) Hathcock, named Pickney from the Pickney Island in South Carolina, where is mother is from.


He received 246 acres on Kirkland and Goose Pond branches of the Barren Fork of the Duck River in his fathers will even though underage.


He married Louisa Parker in 1845-6 in Cannon Co, TN. She was born about 1828 in the Cherokee Nation, and was believed to be full-blooded Cherokee of the Echota Tribe, the daughter of Silas Parker and the sister to Samuel Parker. They had 12 children, with other research saying nine: Mary Jane, Nancy E., Miles Neeley, Cornelius, Silas D., Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, John L. and James Sulvan Hathcock.


They were living near Gilley Hill, Cannon Co, TN, in 1850 and Goose Pond, Coffee Co, TN, in 1860.


He died on 17 November 1864 at Ft. Delaware, Pea Patch Island, New Castle Co, DE, of chronic diarrhea, and is buried in Confederate Cemetery located on the N.J. shore at Finn's Point National Cemetery, near Fort Mott State Park, Salem, N.J.


His widow was living in Coffee Co, TN, when the 1870 and 1880 census’ were taken and is probably buried at Gilley Hill Cemetery, West of Murfreesboro, Cannon Co, TN.