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Private James Carden
B Company

He was born 28 October 1831 in Coffee Co, TN, the son of Lewis and Catherine (Simpson) Carden, the first of 12 sons and daughters that they had.

He lived with his father until 24 years of age, from whom he received 125 acres, living on this for 19 years.

Enlisting in the Regiment on the 1 March 1863 at Tullahoma, TN, age 31.

Transferred to 4th also called the 3rd (Starnes-McLemore's) Tennessee Cavalry on the 13 May 1863. (Men from the Regiment quite often entered into Captain McBride's, I Company.)

After 5 months in the Confederate Service he was disabled and discharged.

He married Pharaba Caroline "Frickey" Simpson on the 18 January 1855 in Coffee Co, TN, and they had 12 children: Peter Rhine, William Andrew, Joseph Starnes, Eva Catherine "Kittie", Robert Leander, Emily Jane “Emma”, Sarah Emaline “Lizzie”, Dora, John Anderson, Mary Lilly, Thomas Franklin, Minnie Orlena Carden. She was the daughter of John Simpson and Sarah Bickle, was born in Siloam, N.C. on the 16 August 1837 and died 27 February 1921.

A farmer and stock dealer in Coffee Co, TN, on his death he owned 562 acres and politically was a Democrat.

He died on the 10 October 1898 in Coffee Co, TN, and is buried at the Carden Cemetery, near Manchester, Coffee Co, TN. His wife is buried with him.

(I worry that part of this belongs in the biography of to James A. Carden who also was discharged after 5 months service.)