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Sergeant George H. Etter Jr
H Company

He was born near Irving College, Warren Co, TN, on the 3 February 1831 and was the son of George H. and Harriet Francis (Rowan) Etter, was the fifth of fifteen children.

In 1856 he and his brother formed a partnership and engaged in the tanning business, his brother died in 1860, and he continued the business by himself until 1861.

He in the enlisted Regiment on the 18 May 1861.

He received a wound at Buck Run, Ritchie Co, (West) VA, and while on his way from Dublin Station to Lynchburg, (West) VA, on the 11 December 1861 the train ran off the track and he was severely injured.

Joined the Cavalry in September 1864 while detached to Middle Tennessee - most likely the 11th Tennessee Cavalry who he mentions being with later.

He was being wounded while in the Cavalry stating his left hip was permanently "crippled" from the injury.

States he was paroled in GA. in 1865 while in the 11th Tennessee Cavalry who had joined with Dibrell's 8th also 13th Tennessee Cavalry - the 8th were part of the troops from Tennessee that joined President Davis' bodyguard but split off and surrendered at Washington, GA, on the 9 May 1865 and were paroled on the 11 May 1865.

After the war he became a farmer in Warren Co, TN, where he lived the rest of his life.

Pension #6800. Applied for pension on the 29 March, number pension #6800 in 1905 from Irving College, Warren Co, TN. Pension accepted.

He applied for the $5 increase in pension on 21 July 1919.

He married Amanda “Mandy” Cartwright (wife of the late Elijah Woodlee) on the 3 January 1867, she was born 1 February 1836 died 16 July 1904, both Warren Co, TN, with whom she had one child John Lafayette Woodlee. With George she had six daughters: Mary E., Lillian L., Georgia Shellie, Myrtle, Cleopatra and Bettie Harriett Etter. She was the daughter of Richard Newton Elizabeth "Betsy" (Clendenen) Cartwright.

He  died 13 March 1922 in Warren Co, TN. They are both buried together in the Armstrong Cemetery, Irving College, Warren Co, TN.

(Is listed in the “Ancestor Album” of the Son’s of Confederate Veterans, 1986 on page 71. There is a photo of him - some of the information in the article is incorrect with the article having him being born in 1795.)