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3rd Corporal Pleasant Hillary Ledbetter

F Company



He was born in July 1839 in Overton Co, TN, the son of  Benjamin “Ben” and Elizabeth “Betsy” Geter (Matlock) Ledbetter.


He enlisted on the 9 June 1861 at Camp Trousdale Cold Springs (Portland), Sumner Co, TN.


Was promoted to 3rd Corporal on the 1 April 1863.


He was to write: "I took cold on measles, which I had at Camp Trousdale, which affects my throat and lungs badly. Freezing of my right foot to the bone during the march to Huttonsville, Virginia in the winter of 1861 totally disabled (me) for a month or more, and bothered me thereafter at times. [I was also] badly ruptured by said cough [from] straining."  


Says he was captured while on picket duty in Loudon, TN, and given the choice of taking the Oath or going to prison so he took the Oath.


He filed for a pension #2320 on the 20 November 1899 which was rejected.


He married Isadora “Icy” Ann Collins about 1865 in Overton Co, TN. They had eleven children: Evert Lex, Alvin V., William C., Mary Etta/Edna, Francis E., Ridley, Angeline “Angie” Faye, Lona and Ellie Ledbetter. She was born in 1843 and died in1921 both in Overton Co, TN, she was the daughter of William and Mary Ann (Eldridge) Collins.


He died in 1904 in Overton Co, TN, and was buried in the Ledbetter Family Cemetery (just north of Livinstone), Overton Co, TN. In recent years a new marker has unveiled at his grave.