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Private Samuel McCorkle
H Company


He was born about 1845 the son of Samuel L. and Martha McCorkle.

He enlisted on the 18 May 1861.

Mentioned in Captain William G. Etter's  diary as missing on 29 August 1862 and “Savage ses he will shoot him if he gits him”.

He up and went home on the 1 January 1863, this would have been during the battle of  Murfreesboro (Stone's River), 31 December 1862 - 2 January 1863.

In the April 1863 roll he was listed as being in the guard house at Tullahoma, TN. (There is a card in his file that states "see personal papers of D. Cook Court Martial of Series 1 Vol. 23 part 2 pg. 917. 7/19/63”. See chapter 2 Vol 235. page 94”).

He was paroled at McMinnville, TN, on the 29 July 1863.

It is mentioned that he played the fiddle in S.C. and at Tupelo, TN.

He was a labourer.

He married Mary Ann Overturf on the 11 November 1870 in Warren Co, TN. They had six children: Richard Jackson, Eva, Hassie, Miranda Melissa, Flora J. and Charles O., McCorkle. Her first marriage had been to James G. Livingstone with whom she had two children: James and Lillian Belle Livinstone. She was born 130 December 1849 in McMinnville, Warren Co, TN, and died 1 September 1916 at Tushka, Atoka Co, OK and is buried in the High Hill Cemetery there.

He died between 1887 and 1900 in Irving College, Warren Co, TN.