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1st Lieutenant William Henry White
D Company

He was born in 24 November 1835 the son of Elijah and Mary Martin White.

He enlisted 21 May 1861.

Left at Knoxville, TN, sick on 26 July 1861.

Was promoted to 3rd Lieutenant on the 17 March 1863, and then promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 6 August 1863.

He was made Regimental Colour-bearer at the start of the Kentucky Campaign. But was wounded in the leg by grapeshot the battle of Perryville (Chaplin Hills), KY, 8 October 1862, the colour-guard of six were wounded, with two of them killed.

Still in hospital at the start of the battle of Murfreesboro (Stone's River), 30 December-3 January, but checked out that morning to go in search of his unit, but missed the fighting.

He tendered his resignation on 15 January 1865 and left on the 18 February 1865, when near Tupelo MS. He resigned as he wanted to enter the 4th Tennessee Regiment.  His letter of resignation stated 'there are only five men for duty in my company and two officers besides myself.'

He was transporting prisoners to Andersonville, GA, during the battle of Bentonville, NC, 19-21 March.

He arrived at Greensboro, NC, during April 1865 but left the army before paroles were issued being issued a hand written parole by Brigadier General George G. Dibrell at Augusta, GA. that same month, and returned home on foot to McMinnville, TN.

He married Mary Jane Pope, born 12 February 1842 died 5 May1917 ,who was the daughter of J. O. and Louisa Williams Pope. They had seven children: James Henry, Mary Louisa, Willie, Della, Owen Marcellus, Charlie and Laura Edith White.

Dying on the 6 January 1921 he was buried in the Faulkner Cemetery in Warren Co, TN. His wife buried with him and several of their children are also buried in the same cemetery.