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2nd Lieutenant Carroll Henderson Clark
I Company

Born on the 26 February 1842 in Carthage, Smith Co, TN, one of eight children.  The son of James A. and Rebecca (Sanders) Clark, his father was a 'farmer and stock raiser by occupation.'

They  moved to Van Buren Co, in 1846 to a farm located on the mountain side, near Laurel Cove, where he was brought up.

He was educated in an old school house, which was minus floor and chimney and later attended the York Academy, Spencer, TN.

He enlisted as a Private on the 20 May 1861 and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in N.C. in 1865.

Wounded through right side near the hip at Perryville (Chaplin Hills), KY, 8 October 1862 while 'in the front rank in the hottest of the battle.'   He was again wounded at Atlanta, 22 July 1864, this time through middle of the left forearm. 

Surrendered with the Army on the 26 April 1865 and was paroled at Greensboro, NC, 1 May 1865. At the surrender he was to say "all was quite on the line (with) many brave boys shedding tears".

After the war he purchased a small piece of land and taught some small schools.

Elected Sheriff of Spencer County in 1874 he served four years.  'Two years later he was elected circuit clerk, and, in 1882, was re-elected to that position.'  He continued in public service for many years finally becoming  post-master of Spencer for four years.  'In 1894 he embarked in merchandising in Spencer, and is now successfully engaged in that business' until he retired about 1920.

He was an active member of the Christian Church, Spencer, TN, holding the posts of as Secretary and Treasurer.  And in 1911 he wrote a memoir that was published in the newspapers.  

Was dean of Burritt College, Spencer, TN in 1890-91, according to the school catalogue.

He wrote articles in 1911 for the Spencer Times Newpaper that was later printed into a Book.

He married Keziah Jane 'Rose' Mooneyham on 17 October 1867, born 10 April 1850 in Van Buren Co, died 9 September1897 in Van Buren Co. They had five children: Charles Morgan, Frank Sutton, Robert Young, James Clenny and Daisy Evaline Clark. She was the daughter of John Hezekiah and Mary Elizabeth (Grissom) Mooneyham.

His second wife was Harriet Sutton, born 10 December 1845 died 23 November 1910, and married in 1898 in Van Buren Co.

On retiring he moved to Dickson, TN, with his third wife was (Rachel) Jo Wilson, born circa 1850 died in the 1920's.  On her death he moved to Knoxville.

Filed Pension number #3771 on 5 November 1901, which was accepted.  At the time of his application he had a wife and three children, having lost two children when they were young.

He sustained a fractured hip in a street-car accident in Knoxville, TN, in April 1931 and died 25 or 26 April 1931 and is buried in the Spencer Town Cemetery, Van Buren Co, TN.