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Sergeant Major Thomas Benton Potter
A Company

He was born 11 January 1836 the son of  Watson C. Potter and Harriet (Magness) Potter.

He enlisted on the 18 May 1861.

Appointed Sergeant. Major to the Regiment on the 12 July 1861

Wounded at Perryville (Chaplin Hills), 8 October 1862.

Having served so long he up and walked away from the war on the 16 December 1864.

Turned up at Nashville 8 January 1985 and took the Oath.

After the war he went back to Smithville and ran a bank and mercantile store.  (Was the brother of W. C. Potter who was a former governor of Tennessee.)

Married to Samantha Delila West, born in De Kalb, TN, 11 November 1848 died 25 January 1929 in Warren, TN, she was the daughter of John Flemmon West and Mary (Lawrence) West. They had nine children: Francis 'Fannie', John Harrison, Julia R., Elissie J(ane) Wiley W(est), Eliza (Elizabeth) Lawrence, Frederick Kelly, Thomas Burley (Barby) and Lillian Samantha Potter.

Dying on the 24 November 1898 at Smithville, DeKalb, he was buried in Smithville City Cemetery DeKalb Co, TN, as was his wife.