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2nd Lieutenant Jackson Van Buren Brown
H Company

Born 19 July 1840 in Warren County, TN, the son of William Sandford and Nancy Dykes Brown.  His father was a circuit rider and minister of the Gospel with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  He was also a Minister and preached at the same church.

He enlisted on the 18 May 1861, the same time as his brother Russell Lassiter Brown, both joining H Company.

Shot through the left ankle at Perryville 8, Oct 1862, and was captured, along with his brother.

Was exchanged, possibly at City Point, VA, January-February 1863.

Wounded at Peach Tree Creek, 20 July 1864, shot in left groin by a minie ball that passed completely through him and came out the other side.

In hospital at Lauderdale Springs, MS, at the end of the war.

Partial paralysis of left leg, most likely from the wounds he received.

Took the Oath at Guntersville, AL, 17 May1865.

Married Abbie Williams 6 Apr 1856 born about 1840. They had five children: John Wesley, Altha, Annie, Hassie and Jimmie May Brown.

Filed for a pension 5 August 1891, number #4175, which was accepted.

Died 7 November 1910.