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4th Sergeant John Payton Mayberry (Maberry, Maybury, Mabury)
F Company

(It's possible that the second of these photos are incorrectly labelled and the older photo is of J. M. Mayberry, 8th Tennessee Cavalry (Dibrells).)

Born on the 17 May 1842 in Mayfield, Jackson County, TN, the son of Jesse and Matilda (McClelland) Mayberry.

Enlisted 9 June 1861 in the Regiment.

Wounded at the Battle of Perryville (Chaplin Hills), 8 October 1862, shot in right shoulder 'pretty bad flesh wound'.  He was captured at this time.

He escaped from prison and joined the 8th (Dibrell’s) Tennessee Cavalry, CSA (also known as 13th Tennessee Cavalry and sometimes as 13th (Gore’s) Tennessee Cavalry) ‘first chance he got’, 1864?

He was subsequently wounded in the last engagement that they had at Beulah, North Carolina on 11 April 1865.

Owned a general store, a blacksmith and harness shop along with many acres of land in Jackson Co.

He married Margaret Sellers Matheny (the widow of Joseph L. Grimsley) on 28 December 1862, she already had two children, Rachel Clementine and James Ashton Grimsley, and they had another nine Jacob Robert, Lucinda Anna, Matilda Caldora, Pickett Bailey, Rhoda Olive, John Anderson, Otho Otis, Otha O. and Earl Winters Mayberry.  She was the daughter of John Anderson and Lucinda (Deatherage) Matheny. She was born 25 March 1837 in Roane Co, TN, and died 11 June 1926 in Jackson Co, TN.

He filed pension #836 on the 4 January 1892 which was accepted.

He was to die, at home, on the 22 July 1922 (2 January 1922?) in Gainesboro, Jackson County, TN, two of his brothers had died in the war. Both are buried in the John P. Mabury Family Cemetery, Liberty Community,  Shiloh, Jackson Co, TN.