Private David Woolcut (Walcott)
D Company

He was born in 23 February 1840 in Wayne County, KY, the son of David Gray and Nancy or Nace Walcott, information says they were not married, and lived there all his life other than his military service.

He joined the Regiment on the 1 March 1863, family legend says that  he was plowing a field in Wayne County, KN, near his home close to the Cumberland River, when Union cavalry rode up and stole the horses.  Mad he went down the Cumberland River into Tennessee and joined the Confederate Army.

Captured near Franklin (Brentwood), TN, on 17 December 1864, and was sent to Camp Douglas Prison, IL,  where he was then to spent the rest of the war, released 15 May 1865 when he returned to Wayne Co.

He married Matilda Ann McLain on 1/2/1866 in Wayne County, KY, at the home of Matilda's mother Mary Polly McLain.She was born 29 September1844 in Wayne County, KY. and died 22 April 1926 in Wayne County, KY. They had 12 children: Luberna, Samuel, Robert Lee, James, Perry Oliver, Everett O., Neva, Phillip, Linna M., Loretta, Katherine and Emanuel B. Woolcut.

Applied for pension, no #2323, on the 27 July 1912, it was granted. At the time of his application he lived in Rankin, Wayne Co, when he only 65 acres of land and only $120.

He died at Eadsville, near Monticello, Wayne County on the 20 May 1923 and was buried at Rogers Grove Cemetery, Wayne Co, just outside of the town of Monticello, KY.