Private Benjamin Rowland
A Company
Photo used by kind permission of David Johnson

He was born on the 3 December 1837 the son of Jefferson Rowland and Mary Perry of Smith/Dekalb County, TN.

He enlisted on the 18 May 1861.

His brother, Robert, was killed at the Battle of Perryville, (Chaplin Hills), 8 October 1862, he was also in A Company.  (Every Rowland in the 16th, 35th and 55(44th)th TN were related as brothers and cousins.)

Having served for two years up and walked away from the war on the 24 June 1863. (This is the date of the Battle of Hoover's Gap, TN, 24-26 June 1863, part of the Tullahoma Campaign)

On the 22 December 1867 he married Asenith Bullington in Dekalb Co, TN. She was born 14 April 1846 in TN died 18 January 1926 in Putnam Co, TN and buried at Smellage Cemetery, Putnam Co., TN. They had one son named William Perry Rowland who was born 15 days after he died.

He died on the on the 9 October 1869 and is buried in the Rowland Cemetery, near Center Hill Dam, DeKalb Co, TN.