Private John Rippetoe Bullington
F Company

He was born in 1843 in Jackson County, TN, to Henry T. and Elizabeth C. (Howard) Bullington.

By 1860 the family, including his nine brothers and sisters were living in Putnam County, which had been formed from part of Jackson County.

In June 1861, possibly the 9th, he enlisted Camp Trousdale.

During the Battle of Perryville (Chaplin Hills), 8 October 1862, he shot in the top of the head and through the fingers of his left hand, its likely that his middle finger was shot off.

He joined the 8th (Dibrellís) Tenn. Cav., CSA (also known as 13th Tennessee Cavalry and sometimes as 13th (Goreís) Tenn. Cav.) in September 1862.

States he was captured on 4 May 1865 while scouting at Valley Head, Alabama, and sent to prison in Kentucky and was released on Oath on 16 June1865.

By 1870 he had married his first cousin Mary L. Young in Marion County, Arkansas, and in 1880 they were living there.  They were to have 11 children, three of these while living in Texas.

The family moved to Tarrant County, Texas, between 1888 and 1890, and were living in Galveston County, TX February 1895 when their last child was born.

Applied for a pension, #7500, on the 2 October 1905, He lived in Davidson County, TN, at the time. The application was accepted, 29 June 1907.

By 2 June 1909 he was living in Seattle, Washington State, where he was visiting, and was trying to get back to Tennessee but failed.

He died on 13 October 1913 in South Bend, WA, his son Valmore Norman Bullington is buried next to him.  At his burial he had both the United States and Confederate flags draped on his coffin.  His wife died 10 October 1926 at Grays Harbor, WA.

(He was the cousin of John Riptoe Bullington, also a member of the Regiment who served with  K Company, needless to say this caused confusion with research.)