Private Henderson Pearson "Horsepower" Kidd
F Company

Born on the 30 March 1830 in Knoxville, Tennessee, the son of James and Frances ‘Frankie’ (Childress) Kidd.

He enlisted in the Regiment on the 28 May 1861.

Was discharged at Bath Alum Springs, Virginia, 1861.

Married Charlotte Ratliff/Ratcher on the 16 December 1849 in Coffee County, TN, she was born in 1832 died in 1865. They had five children - John Robert, Martha, Leonard, Elsbury and Thomas James.

His second marriage was to Mary Catherine Boyer on the 16 December 1869, born in Mineral Point, MO, 2 December 1851 and died on the 14 February 1930 at Mineral Point, MO. They ten children -Laura Lee, George B.,  Lucy Cecilia, Charles Henderson, Susan Alice, Anne Elizabeth, Sarah Leora, Mary Catherine, Jack and Lawson.

He became a justice of the peace in Missouri.

He had the nickname of ‘Horsepower’ given to him by his family from his initials and that he was so full of energy and always on the go.

He died 15 December 1924 at Mineral Point, Washington Co MO, aged 94,  and is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery, Washington Co, MO, as is his wife.