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Captain Calvin C. Brewer
E/B Company


Born on the 29 October 1829 in Warren County, TN, the son of William J. and Abigail (Price) Brewer


His mother and father died when he was seven.  He and his younger brother William M. were cared for by their uncle, Anger McFarland.


He studied law at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN, likely with (later) Brig. Gen. John C. Carter.


He married Eunice A. Reynolds on June 17 (27), 1850 at her mothers home in Hillsboro, TN. She was born on 10 August 1834. Hillsbourgh, Franklin County, Indiana, died on 26 May 1871 at Hillsbourgh, Franklin County, Indiana, and was buried at Reynolds Cemetery. She was the daughter of Jesse and Francis (Willis) Reynolds. They had seven children: Frank, Frances, Bettie Ellen, William Jesse, Andrew Mercer, John Wallace and Calvin Morris.


They moved to Winchester until 1853 then they moved to Coffee County, TN.


He was the elected circuit court  clerk from 1853-63.


He was a Master Mason and a Royal Arch Mason and served in several offices at both Winchester and Manchester.  At Manchester he practiced law handling investments, banking and property and he personally owned the Manchester Hotel. 


He enlisted in the Regiment on the 23 May 1861, at Camp Harris, Franklin County, Tennessee, and was appointed Lieutenant.

He and two others from the Regiment were directed to report to the Commissary Deptartment as a board of inspections to Report upon some Salt Beef, Flour and Bacon intended for Issue to the Troops of that Command in 1862.

Honorably discharged on reorganization 24 May 1862, at Corinth.


Some time after the reorganization some said he joined the cavalry, although no evidence can be found of this, but after the war his wife sold a 'fine cavalry horse'.  It appears his capacity was in the recruiting department for the army. 


He was captured in Coffee County supposedly by Federal troops who accusing him of harbouring spies and shot near Hillsboro. (Others insisted he was killed by 'bushwackers' or renegade CSA deserters.)


He died on 9 June 1864 and was buried in the Reynolds Family Cemetery near Hillsboro, Coffee Co.  After the war on 15 October 1865, the Masons disinterred his body and the last rites of a Masonic Funeral were performed, he was then re-interred.


On his death his wife married Jonathan Drake Marshall in 1868 at Coffee County, TN.