Private John Alexander Brogden
K Company

He was born in 1828 in Cumberland County, TN, the son of Isaac and Amelia (Warren) Brogden.

Married to Stacy Ann Mitchell, born 16 August 1833 and died 3 March 1916, on 22 September 1852 and they had four children Harvey Dillard 'Dill', Mary M., Sallie and Levonna Bunch Brogden.

He enlisted on the 15 September 1862, at Sparta, TN, in the 8th (Dibrill's) Tennessee Cavalry (also known as the 13th), alongside his brothers Wiley and James.

The value of the horse $250 and the equipment $5.

He was to be captured at the Battle of Parkers Crossroads on the 31 December 1862, and was sent Camp Douglas IL.

Was exchanged at City Point
, VA, on the April 1863.

And was back with the 8th Tennessee Cavalry during May and June 1863.

He appears as present on the May-June 1863 muster.

He transferred to K Company, 16th Tennessee Infantry on 15 September 1863.

He was chairman of the White County Court.

A member of the Old Union Presbytarian Church, White Country, TN, from 1861 he died on the 7 July 1891,White Country, TN, is buried in their Cemetery.