Anc., Int., CSR.


1st Corporal William Mitchell
H Company


Enlisted in the Regiment on the 18 May 1861.


Went home sick for a quite a few months in Winter of 62/63.


Listed as having gone home and not returned 6 August 1863, but appears on a prisoner of war list for the Department of Cumberland, no date.


Paroled at McMinnville 12 August 1863.



Private William (G?) Mitchell
I Company


Enlisted on the 20 May 1861 at Camp Harris.


Served as Cpl. for one month in the latter half of 1862.


Deserted at Shelbyville 28 June 1863.


Applied for pension rejected 23 June 1915.


(Above are the two Mitchell's listed for the 16th Tennessee which is our man I don't know.)