Private John Hawk

H Company


Born in Coffee County TN. His mother was Margaret Hawk, the man that was said to be his father was Jim Coalston. His mother was left to raise seven children on her own, housework, spinning, and weaving etc.


Between six and twenty-one years old he attended fourteen months of public free school, walking one mile to school each day. 


He enlisted in September 1861. 


He was shot in the right arm and was sent to the hospital in Columbus, Mississippi, went home so he could continue to heal and shake off illnesses caught while in hospital.


For his sickness he made his way to the mountains and wasn't present when the unit surrendered.


After the war he move to Burroughs (Burrows') Cove, TN, at the head of the Elk River close to the Cumberland Mountains. 


He took up farming his land for a living. 


He married twice in his life, but both of his wives died. 


He and his five children were members of the Southern Methodist Church.


(This man was most likely a member of the 42nd Tennessee Infantry, E Company although information on the internet has him listed as a member of the 16th Tennessee.)


In 1887 a John Hawk founded a fifty acre farm about three miles northeast of Pelham. (This would be at the head of the Elk River and thus would seem to be the John Hawk of the photo.)


He had married Sarah A. Lusk and they had three children: James Lee, Mary Lovina and Millard Houston Hawk. She was born 1843 in Grundy Co, TN, the daughter of James and Mariann Lusk.


On the 2 November 1882 he married his second wife was Susan Lusk, the sister of the first, they had two children: John D. and Vene Ann Hawk. She was born 22 October 1850 and died 14 December 1910 and was buried in the Bethel Cemetery, Grundy Co.