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Major  Benjamin Randals


Born 22 January 1840 and was from Spencer, TN


He enlisted on 20 May 1861.


Initially became Sergeant in I Company and was elected Captain of I Company on the 8 May 1862.


Was placed on detachment as Regimental Adjutant by order of Colonel David McMurry Donnell.


Captured at Battle of Nashville, 16 December 1864 and sent to Johnson's Isle, OH, from where he was released on Oath on the 20 July 1865.


In one of his numerous requisitions he ordered among other items, 9449 rifle cartridges as to replace those expended in battle during the month of May 1864.


After the war he moved to Texas here he went to college and became a school teacher and a successful businessman.


He is mentioned as a Professor when he was 73 living in Hico, Hamilton Co, TX.


He married Sarah ‘Sallie’ L. Lusk born on 21 September 1847 in TN, died October 1925 at Hico, Hamilton Co, TX. She was the daughter of  William Loury and Gincy Permclia (Duncan) Lusk. They had seven children: James, Harriet E., William L., Samuel C., Lucinda A., Josephine and Hortence Randals.


He was a Mason.


He died on the 14 January 1930 and is buried at Hico Cemetery, Hico, Hamilton Co, TX.