Private Hamilton ‘Hamp’  Mortimer Hennessee
D Company


He enlisted on the 8 March 1863 at Tullahoma, TN.


Born 27 January 1845 in Burke Co, NC, and moved to Warren Co when he was 6, the son of Archibald Wilcher and Jane (Neal) Hennessee, and was the youngest son of the family.


Wounded in two places in his leg at Chickamauga, above and below the right knee.


Was wounded at the battle of Jonesboro, GA, was barefoot and had blood blisters on bottom of feet and that his Company had only 2 officers and 4 privates.


Stated he had permission to go home from Captain York 13 December 1864 to go home to recuperate and gather recruits.


Captured by some of his own regiment that went over to the Yankees.


Said he took the Oath in February 1865 after being threatened when in bed sick with pleurisy.


His father owned 250 acres, 15 slaves, worth $3000 not counting the negroes, there he did all kinds of farm work along side 3 negro boys his own age.


After the war was farming and went to school. Taught school, was a merchant for 17 years and then back to farming.


He married Pernetta "Nettie" Jennings, born 1855 died 22 January 1923, the daughter of Isham and Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ (England) Jennings. They had one child Ida Elizabeth Hennessee. His wife was to marry Edgar Henry Martin on 23 November 1873, with whom she had eight children.


He next married Mary Cornelia "Cora" Miller on 14 November 1878. She was the daughter of James Lee and Louisa (Gribble) Miller. She was born 24 July 1857, Warren Co, TN and died 15 December 1939, Warren Co, TN. They had four children Eva, Clara, Lena and Grover Cleveland Hennessee.


He applied for a pension number #13623 filed 6 July 1912 accepted.  


Widow's pension number #9600 filed 19 July 1929 accepted.


He died on the 16(7) March 1929 and is buried in the Mount View Cemetery, Warren Co, TN.