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Private David “Dave” Harlon? Pitman
A Company


He enlisted on the 18 May 1861. 

The Company muster roll dated at Chattanooga, TN, on the 18 July 1863 shows that he up and went home on the 5 May 1863.
No record of capture, parole or later record of him has been found.
He was born April 1838 Jackson Co, AL, the son of Daniel and Louisa Comfort (Hatfield) Pitman, the fourth of eleven children. 
He married Mary D. F. Adcock on 22 December 1859 in DeKalb Co, TN. She was the daughter of Thomas and Francis (Bowles) Adcock. She was born 
2 May 1842 in DeKalb Co, TN, and died 30 December 1902 in Young Bend Cemetery Dekalb Co, TN. They had 12 children: Thomas Lucian, Marshall Cain, 
Green M., Nancy Florence, David H., Francis P., Mary Evelyn, Sarah E., James M., William H., John Tatum and Robert C. Pitman.
On her death he married Florence Alabama Prater on 14 August 1906 in DeKalb Co. TN. They were married by R. E. Wright. She was the daughter of Alexander 
McDonald and Susannah/Susan Elizabeth (Woods) Prater. She was born 16 September 1878 in DeKalb Co, TN, and died 9 January 1957 in Warren Co, TN. 
They had four children: Merlin Eustis/Eustace, Bessie Lou, Enka Lucinda and Alex Houston Pitman. (There is also mention of a Lester Lannis Pitman as a son.)
She applied for a pension #11020 on the 31 September 1938 accepted. She later married Leonidas/Leonidus Poss with who she had one child: Avorilla/Avo Rilla Poss.
He died 22 February 1922 in Smithfield, DeKalb Co, TN, and both him and his first wife Mary are buried in the Young Bend Cemetery, about 6-7 miles south-west of  
Smithville, DeKalb County, TN.