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Sergeant John Purser
E Company


He was born 21 January 1841 in Warren Co., TN in Warren Co, the son of James and Nancy (Rowland) Purser.


He enlisted 15 May 1861 at Camp Harris, TN, the same day as his brother.
Was sick at Huntersville, VA, this would be some time between 4 August and the 6th December 1862.
Wounded at Murfreesboro, 31 December 1862 when he was shot in the face "from cheek to cheek" and some teeth and parts of his mouth were missing. 
(Family legend has it that when asked about the wound he was said to have remarked that it didn't bother him too much except when he ate cornbread.  It seems 
he was missing some of the roof of his mouth and the cornbread had a tendency to get up in his sinuses.)
Received a furlough for 30 days on 7 January 1863.
Promoted to 4(5)th Corporal on the 1 April 1863.
Was listed as in Texas Hospital at Auburn, AL. from 31 December 1863 until 30 June 1864.
In the February 1864 muster he is listed as "In arrest" and was reduced to the ranks.
He served to the end and was paroled at Greensboro N.C., 1 May 1865.
Vouched for John Vanhooser's pension application he stated that they "surrendered together and came home together".
He applied for a pension when living in Cannon Co, #11124, filed 12 April 1909. Which was accepted.
Married A. E. Jane Purser, born about August 1849 in TN and they had two children:: James Morgan, John G. Purser.
His second wife was Margaret J. Massey who he married on the 8 November 1896. She had been married before and had two children: Willie and Darth Massey.
He was to marry Belg(z)ora Halem about 1908 although no record can be found of this in County records!  She was born about 1862 in TN, and already had two 
children: Nellie and Hobert Hale. The 1910 census has them as a family in Cannon Co.
He further married T. E. Ashford, born 2 February (March) 1866, in Summer Co.
He was a farmer and listed his possessions as 1 mare, 3 head of cattle, and no real estate. 


Died 30 November 1929 in Warren Co, TN, and is buried in the Concord Cemetery, Warren Co, TN.

His wife Jane is also buried there.
His brother was Luke Purser.