Typical Confederate Soldier

As a supplement for any re-enactors of the 16th Tennessee Infantry here are some photos of Confederate soldiers taken in 1863, 1864 and 1865 so you can see for yourself what they were wearing at the time. Most illustrations are just part of a larger photo that was and most were taken in the Eastern Theatre. At the bottom the second from last is one of Confederate cavalry with possibly the last one as well.

Members of D Company, 20th Tennessee Infantry, prisoners at Rock Island, Illinois.
Captured by Federal forces, most likely at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee, 24th-25th November 1863.


Prisoners at Camp Douglass, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1864.


Prisoners captured at Forts Henry 6th February 1862  and Donaldson 11-16 February 1862, Tennessee.
Camp Douglass, Chicago, Illinois.


Prisoners at the railroad depot Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1864.


Prisoners from Edward Johnson's Division captured at Spotsylvania 12th May 1864.
Awaiting transportation at Belle Plain, Virginia 1864.


Prisoners from the Battle of Cold Harbour. 31st May 31 12th June 1864.
Phototaken at White House Landing, Virginia, 9th June 1864.


Captured at the Battle of Aldie, Virginia, 17th June 1863.
Most likely members of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, Virginia Cavalry.


Prisoners at Point Lookout, St Marys County, Maryland, April-May 1865.
From the boots some, or all, of these would seem to be cavalry.