16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment
Burial Sites

        Much work on this document has been the effort of another researcher, although by now I have also put in a lot of time and would never have started but for him, for this he has my thanks.  As the research is ongoing there will be additions, but only a few.
     While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy its entirely possible that at some mistakes have slipped through.  If you see any or have any further information please contact me.
        In the following pages No CSR=No Combined (Confederate) Service Record for the 16th (so may not have served with the Regiment) and the numbers in the comments column are each alternative death dates or locations of the grave in the cemetery.
        I have the idea in mind to post the photographs of those graves that are available if, or when, I do this I apologies beforehand to anybody who feels that I have infringed their copyright over any illustration used.  All have been sent to me by third parties, and I am given to believe that they hold the copyright.  If this is incorrect could you please contact me either with your permission or a request for the removal of the offending illustration.  Those names that are underlined and in italics have a photograph of the grave.

 Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Illinois.

Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama and_Virginia. 17 February 2019

Crockett, Lawrence, Dyer and DeKalb Counties, TN

Gibson, Robertson, Carroll, Henry and White Counties,TN 

Putnam, Lincoln, Jackson, Franklin, Scott and Polk Counties, TN

Van Buren, Overton, McMinn, Bedford, Henderson and Wilson Counties,TN

Meigs, Williamson, Haywood, Rutherford, Hamilton, Roane, Smith and Davidson Counties, TN

Cannon, Hardin, Coffee, Hamblin, Grundy, Maury Sequatchie Wilson, Grainger and Sumner Counties, TN

Warren County, TN, part 1

part 2

part 3