16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment:
Original Members: Uniforms

Here are two links to all know photos and drawings of uniforms worn by all members of the Regiment that I have at this moment in time. As will be seen if you visit the pages that some are wartime photos but some are post-war. I have included the post-war photos as its possible that its what could have been worn by the wearer during the war.

.Some uniforms have not been included in the two links above: John Houston Savage, Calvin C. Brewer, as they are not wartime photos; that of George Edward Purvis as he is in his artillery uniform: and those of Andrew Jackson Lacy, Samuel H. Alexander and Benjamin Jefferson Hill as its unlikely they were in the Regiment.

Officers uniforms           Some of these are drawings and only portraits at that so I have not posted them hopefully the original photos come to light in time.
        Those posted are: Carroll Henderson Clark, John Hamilton Lewis Duncan, Lucien Napoleon Savage, James M. Parks and Joseph H. Goodbar.

Other Ranks Uniforms   Here are photos of NCOs and ORs, but not officers, taken during their service in the war, a couple have been taken post-war but possibly with uniforms of the type that they wore during the war.
        Those posted are: Hiram Taylor Kersey, T. J. Rogers, John Alexander Brogden, Wallace McPeak, John Payton Mayberry, Russell Lassitor Brown, Pleasant Marion Wasson, Thomas Benton Potter, George Washington Kennedy, Benjamin Rowland, Hamilto Mortimer Hennessee, James Alexander Boyd and William Dalton Passons.