Private Ransom Gwyn Martin

D Company


Born on the 12 August 1841 the son of George Washington, born 5 December 1811 and died 14 May 1899, and Sarah Gwyn Martin, died 27 August 1851, and was from Warren County.


He enlisted in the 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment on the 7 July September 1862 at Gainsboro. TN.


He was the brother of Sergeant Thomas Jefferson Martin, D Company.


He was wounded at Murfreesboro (Stone's River), 31 December 1862, and at Atlanta, GA, 22 July 1864, when he was shot through the right shoulder.


Arrived back from hospital in time for Bentonville NC, 19-21 March 1865.


Served to the end and was paroled at Greensboro NC, 1 May 1865.


He surrendered as a member of F Company, 1st Consolidated Tennessee Regiment, and was paroled 1 May 1865, at Greensboro, NC.


(Martin stated he was with General Morgan on his Kentucky raid, in 1863, and walked back from Federal prison on Lake Erie, Johnson’s Island, OH in a starved, emaciated condition.  While this was an officers prison privates were also imprisoned there, as well as prisoners named Martin, although these are all pre September 1862.  The privates captured on the this raid were sent to Camp Chase prison, Columbus, OH.  He is also not listed as a Confederate Civil War POW.) 

In his newspaper memoirs Carroll H. Clark has a ‘Ranse Martin’ returning with him from North Carolina at the end of the war. ‘We then came by Viola and crossed Collins River at Shell's ford (I believe). Ranse Martin, Andy Jones, John Patton, I. T. Hillis, and I now forget who else were with me.’)

Married Harriet V. Moffitt in 1871, born 10 June 1854, and on his pension application he states he had a wife of 32 living with him, she died in 26 August 1913 (16 August 1914).   They had six children who were all surviving him at his death: Arcola; Laura; R. G., Sam; Will and K. H. L. Martin .


He applied for a pension, number #16066, in 1926 and was accepted.


He died, aged 98, on the 22 May 1940 at Rock Island, TN, and is buried in Eureka Church of Christ Cemetery, Warren County, TN.