16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment

John Brogden published an 105 page book called the "16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. "The First Mountain Regiment" an annotated Roster" in 1997, copies do become available at times on-line. This posted roster was originally started by John Brogden and continued with my own researches. Any mistakes that are now posted in the work are mine and not his. I am indebted to John, and all praise must go to him, as I would never have started if he hadn't done the original work.

The roster covers their birth, death, burial place, wives, children, military service and what they did for a living both before and after the war, with dates where known.  With some there is a good volume of information known with others there are only a few sparse words in this I have been helped by many of the families of the original members of the Regiment.  Please be aware that much of this information has been gathered from the internet, with all the reliability this has at times, but I have checked where possible and have listed the sources used.

As this is an ongoing project it will be periodically updated, with the date posted shown here. If you feel you have information to add, or corrections to be made, feel free to contact me as it is only with your help that this can be continued.

The following ink will take you to a PDF file of a roster of the members of the unit with all the information that I have incorporated at this date:
 16th Tennessee roster 10 October 18

John Brogden has also written a roster on the 8th (Dibrill's) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, CSA.  This is the Regiment many members joined in the 1862 reorganization.

John has given me permission to post both the rosters 8th Tennessee Cavalry and that of the original 16th Tennessee Infantry rosters that I worked from:
8th Tennessee Cavalry roster_JB
16th Tennessee Infantry roster_JB

Jim Brown.