16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment:
Original Members

        I have attempted to find illustrations of any type of the original members of the Regiment what follows is all that I have managed to find to date. The highest rank that the person reached has been used, even if this was while in another unit. All illustrations are linked to a short biography, some very short.
        Very few of the pictures illustrated here have a date for when they were taken so it should be noted that while some of these illustrations were taken during the war many others were taken post-war.  Some of those shown died as late as 1940 so that if they look old they are and shouldn't be confused with re-enactors of the present day who are older than the very young men who were the soldiers of the time.
        I have had reference to other illustrations but as yet have not manage to track them down.  If you have, or know, where these illustrations are, or can confirm that any from a group photo are from the Regiment please inform me. 
        The last surviving members of the unit were Privates Bluford Lafayette Scarlett F Company, who died, aged 91, on the 20 January 1935, and Ransom Gwyn Martin
D Company, who died, aged 98, on the 22 May 1940.
        With help I have collected together cemeteries showing the
Burial sites of original members  of the unit.  Slowly, to go with this, I have been collecting photos of their head stones which will be posted when time allows.

Officers                            Covering a painting, drawings and photos from the US Army during the Mexican - American War, through the Civil War, with most being post-war and into when they were old men. 16 July 2018

NCO's                              There is the odd pre-war photo, a couple from during the war, with most being post-war and into when they were old men. 16 July 2018

Privates                           One painting, one pre-war photo, a few photos from during the war, and again with most being post-war and into when they were old men, possibly one not be a member of the Regiment. 16 July 2018

Other photos                     Posted here are ones that don't fit into the categories above: the Perryville Colour Guard, McMinnville High Street and two of  the memorial to the killed and died.

Unlikely to be members    There are some photos that are unlikely to be members of the Regiment that have been said to be members in books, on gravestones etc they are posted here.

Uniform information         Here are larger photos of those in wartime and post-war photos who are wearing uniforms.

    The 24th September 1864 saw the 8th, 16th, and 28th consolidated due to the small numbers in all the Regiments, previous to this the 84th had been consolidated with the 28th, here are links to some of the units members with their photos and also a link to a roster.

 Missing Illustrations