16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment:

Original Members:
8th, 28th, 84th Tennessee Infantry

        Not many of the pictures illustrated here have a date for when they were taken so it should be noted that while some of these illustrations were taken during the war most were taken post-war.  Some of those shown died as late as 1940 so that if they look old they are. While there are many photos of members of the 16th Tennessee there are only a few of these others Regiments

    The 24th September 1864 saw the 8th, 16th, and 28th consolidated due to the small numbers in all the units: Captain Frank M. York commanded companies A, D and E, Captain John Lucas Thompson commanded companies C and H, with Captain Ad Fisk commanding companies F, G, I and K. These Regiments fought together until the end of the 9th April 1865.

8th Tennessee

28th Tennessee (Also called 2nd Tennessee Mountain Volunteers)

84th Tennessee

    On the 9 April 1864 there was once again a consolidation with the Regiment along with 1st (Field's), 6th, 8th, 9th, 27th, 28th and 34th Tennessee Regiments and the 24th Tennessee Infantry Battalion were used to form the 1st Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment, commanded by Hume R. Field.  The Regiment was consolidated into two companies, F and K, one commanded by Captain Hill the other by Captain Frank York.