16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment


    The 16th Tennessee is one of the regiments of Ben Cheatham's famed all-Tennessee division of the Confederate Army of Tennessee and covers April 1861 thru to May 1865. They served under various Army Commanders: Robert E. Lee, Pierre T. Beaureguard, Braxton Bragg, Joseph E. Johnson and John B. Hood, in the States of (West) Virginia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee. Jamie Gillam as written three books are a great reference for those interested in the Army of Tennessee, Cheatham's Division or Donelson's/Wright's/Carter's/Maney's Brigades during the American Civil War, these can be obtained off the internet.

The History of the Sixteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Vol. I, "We Were Spoiling for a Fight, April 1861 - August 1862". .

The History of the Sixteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Vol. II, "No Hope of Getting Out Alive". T

The History of the Sixteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Vol. III, "Like Lions at Bay".  

Civil War Memories of Robert Carden A short history posted online in a series of articles by Robert C. Cardin, B Company.

Pomp Kersey, Tennessee Guerrilla  A detailed history of Pomp Kersey.

My Grandfathers Diary of the Civil War Carroll H. Clark  The diary is lost but he wrote a series of articles for the Spencer Times and this has been published as a booklet

Campaigns and Battles: of the Sixteenth Regiment  A book by Thomas A Head that can be obtained off the internet.



American Civil War Re-enacting in the UK  A mass of photos taken at SOSKAN events.

Tennesseans in the Civil War  A list of officers and a short bio.

CCivil War Soldiers & Sailors System  For researching individuals in Regiments.

Civil War rosters  For searching individuals in Regiments.




Private Thomas Rogers Matheny    Papers and letters in book form

The Life of John Houston Savage    A memoir by him that can be found on the internet for purchase

Civil War diary of Darius Clark This can be found in libraries

  • My grandfather's diary of the war by Carroll Henderson Clark( Book )
  • The history of the Sixteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War : a consolidated sesquicentennial diary of the war, 1861-1865 by Jamie Gillum( Book )
  • History and pictorial collection of General Felix K. Zollicoffer & Zollicoffer Community by Darlene Stockton-Savage( Book )
  • The Civil War diaries and letters of a Confederate soldier : Roysdon Roberson Etter, private, 16th TN Infantry Regiment, Co. H., C.S.A. by Roysdon Roberson Etter( Book )
  • Campaigns and battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers by Thomas A Head( Book )
  • A Civil War letter from the 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, CSA( Book )
  • The Civil War diary of Sgt. Arnold Moss Mason : Company E, 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, CSA by Arnold Moss Mason( Book )
  • Diary by Darius Clark( )

    Other information can be obtained from: Arkansas Confederate Pension Records.


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